Woman Within Circle Training

This training is offered at the completion of each woman Within® Weekend, and allows those participating in the training to create their own circle.

8 Week Circle Training

This is circle training that takes place over 8 weeks, which is supported by guides as you work through the manual.

2 day Intensive Circle Training

This is circle training that takes place over a weekend, the Saturday and Sunday. It is an intensive training. Once this is complete the group will then work through their manuals for the next 8 weeks. The group will get guided support on weeks 4 and 6, with guides attending these weeks. The group has access to the guides for support during their 8 weeks of working through the manual. This is equivalent to a 13 week programme.

To register for circle training in Cape Town, please email: guidedcircles@wfa.org.za and to register for circle training in Gauteng, please email: guidedcirclesjhb@wfa.org.za

Woman Within Circles

Have you completed your Circle training? Has our circle ended? Are you looking to join a circle? Are you in a circle that is looking to invite new women? Are you looking to move circles? If you have answered yes to any of these, then please

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Woman Within Circle Manual

We are committed to keeping our manual current, so the new updated 2018, 8th Revision is out! It has an orange cover to avoid confusion! You can either get your copy electronically and print it yourself or you can pay R100 and get a hard copy.

Please click here to order your manual or to request chapter 4 of the Manual (Conflict Management). All guides and those participating in the circle training will get a new manual.

Guiding a Woman Within Circle

Guiding a Woman Within Circle is a wonderfully rich experience as you learn to step up into leadership in a loving and supported way. You also internalize the rich information available in the Circles manual enabling you to more authentic in your circles and in your life.

To qualify to learn to Guide a circle training, you need to have completed the guided circle training yourself and have been part of a Woman Within Circle. Thereafter you can volunteer to step up to co-guide a circle alongside a Lead guide. You will then attend some training and work closely with your guide to ensure you are prepared for each session of the training. if you are interested in being a guide, please email wwcircles@wfa.org.za

Guide Circle Training

If you are interested in guiding a 2 day intensive or 8 week circle, then join us for the guide circle training to prepare you for this wonderful opportunity to grow our community. Please email guidedcircles@wfa.org.za