Women for Afrika, (WFA) a nonprofit organisation formed in 2004 as an outreach programme of Woman Within® International, Ltd (WWIL) in South Africa, has announced the new board members.

The team of 7 women will help WFA grow, nurture, support and maintain a community of empowered women throughout South Africa.

The Board will serve the community with a strong and committed leadership circle who are dedicated to creating opportunities like education, training, workshops, leadership development, personal growth and access to resources.

The board will decide on roles and strategic focus for the coming two years of their term, and this committed group of women will actively be participating in and contributing to the global Woman Within community which spans 10 global regions.

New members of the board are: 

Chairperson - Ingrid Lotze
Vice Chairperson - Phryne Williams
Finance - Britta Rotmann
Tech systems - Trine Zacho
Judith Haupt - Role to be determined
Nomfuzo Ntolosi - Role to be determined
Sarah Lamond - Role to be determined

The world is calling out for leaders who are self-aware, know that life is a process of consistent evolution, and who work not only for this generation but for all the generations to come. The new board, together with the Leadership Circle are aware that feminine leadership is sought after and the aim is to support this by weaving it into the NPO’s strategy, policy, and programming.