Another long week-end approaches, and depending on your commitments, the weekend can allow us to shift gear, and spend time connecting with friends and family . This week-end is a sacred week-end for many . For the Christians who celebrate Easter, this holiday is a joyous celebration to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus, the defeat of death and the hope of salvation. If we trace it back to it’s roots, long before the advent of Christianity, there is a large body of research that points to Easter beginning as a pagan festival, a celebration of Spring, in the Northern Hemisphere. And as Carole Cusack, the Professor of Religious Studies and English Literature (University of Sydney, AU) states “Since pre-historic times, people have celebrated the equinoxes and the solstices as sacred times“.

So, however you choose to spend your time this week-end, whether it be “Much the same, but different”, hunting for strategically placed Easter Eggs, enjoying the taste of a warm hot-cross-bun in the morning or gifting daffodils to loved ones, the one thing we collectively can all experience and share, is staring up to the sky, as the Full “Pink” Moon rises into her lunar power, on Saturday, 16 April . Set to be the largest and brightest Full Moon of the year! How will you greet this transitory phase? How will you celebrate your “aliveness” in the moonlight? Wishing all a sacred, self-reflective and supported long week-end.