The new Board had its first meeting of 2022 and took the opportunity to connect and set goals for itself and the organisation for the next two years. In line with the way in which Women for Afrika does its "business" the women on the Board agree that the way we will work has collaboration as its guiding star - collaboration amongst each other, collaboration with the Leadership Circle and collaboration with the community of Women for Afrika and Women Within and beyond!


We have set a two year vision: 

To reconnect, maintain and grow the WFA community around the theme of "the future is feminine; the future is Africa" for the empowerment of women in South Africa and communities beyond by igniting collaboration on many levels within WFA. 

For this we have identified a number of key stakeholders in particular the Leadership Circle, the FIT/FACS and members of the WFA community at large.

We have identified the following focal points and identified for each a member of the Board: 

  • Build Diversity & Inclusion; Ingrid Lotze (chair)
  • Community engagement, including to build and sustain circles and all different sectors of membership: Phryne Williams (vice chair)
  • Governance: Britta Rotmann
  • Technology and Systems: Trine Zacho
  • Reaching different markets and groups: Nomfuzo Ntolozi
  • Building brand recognition around “the future is feminism, the future is African”: Sarah Lamond
  • Training and Development: Judith Haupt

Each of us will develop our role further and we look forward to our two years as your Board with joy and enthusiasm.