Who am I and who are you?
Online Unconscious Bias & Diversity Workshop

Date: Saturday 3 October    Time: 8h25 - 12h30
Venue: The comfort of your own home via Zoom

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Cost: R500 per person. A portion will go to NPO WFA fundraising
Limited space available.

Apply for Sponsorship: Liane Durra: lianedurra@gmail.com   

With the spotlight on gender equality and Black Lives Matter, there is a focus on diversity & inclusion worldwide and each of us have an important role to play. This workshop is a good place to start exploring your role and a great place to deepen your understanding.

What the Workshop will offer:
Raised curiosity of how to contribute to D&I in everyday life.
Increased awareness of difference and compassion to difference.
Exploration of a woman’s conscious and unconscious biases.
Recognition of when and how unconscious bias occurs and why it's important to understand.
Strategies to counteract potential unconscious bias.

For women in WFA & WWII Leadership Roles & FITS:
Completion of either the 26 Day Journey or the Diversity and Unconscious Bias Workshop count as complying to the WWII Training Policy which requires that all leaders complete a minimum of 4 hours of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Training.

Attendees of the Workshop will get a certificate of attendance as proof of compliance.