Innovation and Growth

The leadership circle are a team of volunteer women who have made a commitment to drive the growth of the organisation and the community, for the benefit of the community.

Innovations and initiatives in 2017:

  • Open Circles in Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, and Johannesburg.
  • Brand new range of merchandise available, the profit from which goes to our sponsorship fund.
  • In May 2017 we celebrated our very first Woman Within South African Facilitator, Anthea Swift.
  • We also saw many of our women move up into more advanced positions to ensure more South African women are taking leadership roles on our Weekends Team Leaders in Training and SA Facilitators
  • Updating and modernisation of the website
  • New registration forms online using Survey Monkey
  • Links from the website to these forms for ease of use
  • New look emails using Mail chimp with live links to all our forms
  • More workshop and personal growth opportunities
  • Having weekends take place twice a year
  • Updating of our database since the beginning of WFA in 2005
  • New individualised payment plans for the weekends and worshops.
  • A new financial support policy.
  • We were able to offer 13 sponsorships in 2016 to the value of R20,100 and 9 sponsorships to the value of R25,800 in 2017

Opportunites for 2018:

  •  The first time the WWI weekend will be available in Johannesburg
  • Jump start Joy - the first time this training has been offered in South Africa

Other future possibilities:

  • Bringing the wholeness workshop to South Africa
  • A venue of our own
  • Girls to Women training
  • Offering organizations the opportunity to send "teams" to the weekends.
  • Easy payment methods on website for registrations, merchandising and donations

There is no better time to step up and be involved with Women for Afrika, we have an exciting and busy time ahead, and we need women who would like to help us drive this growth. If you would be interested in being part of our innovation and growth projects or join a working group, please feel free to contact