Women for Afrika and the Leadership Circle

Women for Afrika coordinates and hosts the WWI workshops in South Africa. We are invested in developing the women in our communities in their personal growth and development  to further their Woman Within Training, with the aim of having all the skill sets required to run these weekends and workshops, in house! We are thrilled to say we have our own Team Leader with a new Team Leaders in Training, 8 women at various levels on the Facilitator in Training Track (FIT) and our very own Facilitator (FAC).

The Leadership circle is a group of volunteers, who have stepped up to make this possible. Our own lives were transformed after the weekend so have stepped up to give back. We have taken on specific coordination roles and duties and signed a contract of commitment for 2 years, being responsible for our roles and responsibilities as a specific coordinator to ensure the WWI weekends and workshops are held in South Africa each year.  We are also responsible for the integrity, consistency, and sustainability, both financially and organisationally of Women for Afrika and for the the programmes of  Woman Within International that we offer.  The leadership circle oversees the whole of South Africa and any woman who has  completed her weekend is welcome to step up into leadership and bring her unique offerings and commitment to growing the community.

The look and feel of leadership circle has changed over the last few years, from a top down approach (president / vice president) to an equal leadership model, where each one of us is responsible and accountable to the group as a whole for the role we take on as a coordinator - The whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Not one role is more important than the other and no voice is louder than the other. This we believe is more inline with the development of an empowered community...giving women the space to show up.

We support each other in our roles, but are ultimately accountable for implementing what is required from our portfolios.  We are a circle of committed women, which assumes accountability and gives and receives encouragement, guidance and support so that each woman is empowered within the group to reach her goals.

The Leadership circle consists of the following Portfolios and each portfolio has support staff, so we have created circles within circles:

  • Registrations
  • Staffing
  • Woman Withing Circles
    • Open Circles
    • Co-gender Circle
    • Circle training
  • Weekend & Workshops
  • Paperwork
  • FIT/ FAC
  • Marketing
  • Volunteering
  • Finances
  • Growth

The leadership circle works within the policies, guidelines and procedures set out by WWI and liaise directly with WWI regarding the implementation of the Weekend and Workshops. We are bound by policies, procedures , guidelines, processes on the weekend and an International Hosting agreement.

Women for Afrika works directly with WWI to host weekends and workshops in SA.

There is no better time to step up and be involved with Women for Afrika, we have an exciting and busy time ahead, and we need women who would like to help us drive this growth. We are currently looking for women to step up into Circles and  Finances. If you would like to be involved in the Leadership Circle please click here.