Woman Within Level 2: Exploring the Archetypes

Is coming to Cape Town

7th to the 11th of August 2019

This advanced 5-day program (formerly the wholeness workshop) uses the metaphor of the castle to help you look at nine archetypal energies in your life (shadow, infant, child, adolescent, lover, mother, warrior, crone, and queen) through a series of 45-minute presentations with discussion, followed by an experiential process for each, all led by Woman Within Weekend Leaders, Facilitators and Facilitators-in-Training. If you’re ready to create and give voice to your mission in life, you’ll love this inspiring, meaningful Workshop.

What will I get from it?

  • Recognize the parts of you that are dominant and the parts that are submissive
  • Make the choice to use all of the power of who you are
  • Learn more about each of the nine basic archetypes, how your behavior relates to them and how you can use them in your life
Using the metaphor of the castle you explore nine archetypal energies to:
  • Create and give voice to your mission in life
  • Transform your shadows to gold
  • Renew the trust and innocence of your infant
  • Recreate the magic in life through your child
  • Know yourself and cut free from adolescent messages
  • Open your lover’s heart to embrace your beauty and release shame
  • Create and nurture a renewed inner mother relationship
  • Meet your warrior – learn to set boundaries and protect your mission
  • Learn to hold the balance of life and death through the wisdom of crone
  • Empower your queen to take her place in the world

Who can attend?

  • This workshop is required for women to enter the Woman Within Facilitation and Leadership Tracks
  • Completion of the Woman Within Weekend required.
  • For women over 18 years young

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If you would like to staff on this workshop, you will need to have completed the Level 2 training and can apply to staff here. Staffing is held by WWIL.