"The Shedding Shame workshop with Marlene Nappa has been a transformational experience for me. When I got the invitation, I knew that this was an experience that I had to go through. I went onto the weekend with some trepidation and anxiety, knowing the significant role that shame played in my life. The workshop supported me on all levels to become more aware and to shift the impact that shame played in my life. I learnt how to manage it more skillfully and in the weeks and months and nearly a year since the workshop, the effect of it has stayed with me and supported me to continuously integrate and work further and deeper with releasing shame in my life. Marlene is a very skilled facilitator with huge compassion, humility and wisdom and has created a very safe space for all of us to work with this difficult subject. I’m very grateful for the gift Marlene has given me and I will recommend this workshop to any person who has a desire to transform the impact of shame in their life."

Woman Within Shedding Shame Workshop

This workshop only comes to South Africa every 2 years,

so dont miss this oppportunity.

A two day residential workshop in November 2017:

  • 10-12th November in Johannesburg, Ancient Windmill Guest House, Benoni (only 2 spaces left)
  • 17-19th November in Cape Town at the Sunbird Guest Lodge, Gordon's Bay (FULLY BOOKED)

Explore how shame may be standing between you and fully loving yourself. In this experiential Workshop, you’ll learn how to recognize and understand the shame you carry. Give yourself this chance to forgive and accept yourself – and even make shame an ally – so you can move toward fully loving yourself.

  • Discover the origin of your shame and how it may be changing the chemistry of who you are
  • Come to realize how shame impacts and alters your life
  • Learn how to transform this invasive, subtle and life-depleting force
  • Listen to messages from your shame that can serve you
  • Learn through physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual exercises

There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Open to any woman over 18.

Marlene Nappa, BSc, MSc, who created this workshop, will facilitate it. Marlene is an executive life coach, personal growth workshop leader, professor, consultant and author who has worked with thousands of individuals and groups worldwide to help them reach their highest potential. She was a highly respected Woman Within Weekend Leader for 18 years.

The investment for this residential weekend is R3900. Registration will close on Sunday the 10th of September. Register early as there is limited space per weekend. Click here to register

"I became more familiar with the workings of guilt and shame after watching a talk by Dr Brené Brown. Shame is the feeling that holds me back from being seen and heard, from speaking up for myself and asking for what I want. It was holding me back from believing in myself, and achieving my dreams. So when a Shame Shedding workshop was being offered, I was very interested to learn more and deal with these blockages. I had no idea how profoundly the work would impact my life. In a safe and welcoming space, Marlene helped me understand my shame and gently and lovingly start to release its hold on me. I came away from the workshop with a greater awareness and understanding of the way shame shows up in my life. I felt a huge relief, and deeper forgiveness for myself and those who played a role in my experiences of shame. Since then, I feel lighter and freer in how I engage and interact with the world and others.  This workshop has definitely sparked my journey of peeling off the layers laid down by a traumatic childhood and many challenging life experiences that causes me to hide and protect the vulnerable and tender parts of myself. Peeling back these layers is the only way that we can achieve living in whole-hearted joy despite fears of rejection, judgement, criticism and pain. If you would like more courage, deeper connection and love in your life, I believe shedding the holds of shame is the only way to achieve that, and encourage you to work with Marlene on this life-changing journey."


Woman Within Skills Workshop 2018

A two day non-residential workshop:

  • August in Cape Town at the Cape Milner Hotel, Tamboerskloof. (TBC)
  • August in Johannesburg at Foxwood House, Houghton. (TBC)

After your Weekend, you may be full of energy, yearning to enrich your relationships from this new place. This workshop is a chance for you to take what you reclaimed at your Weekend and gain new skills to help you integrate these parts of yourself – and to support others, from a place of wholeness.

  • Learn how to hold boundaries and ask for what you need without shame, anger or apology
  • Explore innovative Shadow techniques and practice creative facilitation skills
  • Form deeper connections with yourself and others by holding yourself accountable to the gold you claimed for yourself
  • Appreciate, trust and use your intuition

The investment for this weekend is R2000.

Completion of the Woman Within Weekend is required. The Woman Within Skills Workshop is a requirement for women who want to be Nurturers or Team Leaders on the Weekend – or those who want to begin the Facilitation Track. You must be 18 years of age.

Click here to register