For the first time in my life I feel truly heard by a group of women who accept and love me for who I am, who support me, who teach and guide me, who challenge me to dig deeper, and who help me honour my gold and be aware of my shadow. It feels very real. Very tangible. It gives me perspective and lightness and depth. And it feels very right for what women need ... especially this one.”

Woman Within Circles

A Woman Within Circle is a group of women who have completed the Woman Within® Weekend and then come together for the purpose of supporting, encouraging and challenging one another on their journey of personal growth. It is a place to nourish our spirits and strengthen our hearts, a place to be seen, heard, challenged and accepted by a circle of women as we speak of our joys and our sorrows.

To become part of a Woman Within Circle, a woman must first go through the initial guided Woman Within Circle programme. The focus thereof is to participate in exercises and to learn tools that will assist each woman in developing communication and listening skills as well as provide her with the sense of safety that she needs to be open and honest with herself and the group. These exercises are designed to prepare women to learn greater emotional self-awareness and to be a part of a circle in a safe, open and honest way.

If you have completed your circle training and are looking to join a Woman Within circle, click here

Woman Within Circle Manual

The new update 2017, 7th edition manual is out! Please click here to order your copy.

Circle Training

This training is offered at the completion of each Woman Within® Weekend and consists of

8 Week Guided Circle Training

This is circle training that takes place over 8 weeks, which is supported by guides as you work through the manual.

 2 day Intensive Guided  Circle Training

This is circle training that takes place over a weekend, the Saturday and Sunday. It is an intensive training. Once this is complete the group will then work through their manuals for the next 8 weeks. The group will get guided support on weeks 4 and 6, with guides attending these weeks, so this is a 13 week programme.

To register for circle training in Cape Town, please email:

To register for circle training in Gauteng, please email:

Click here to see the circle training dates.

Guiding the Circle Training 

Guiding a Woman Within Circle is a wonderfully rich experience as you learn to step up into leadership in a loving and supported way. You also internalize the rich information available in the Circles manual enabling you to more authentic in your circles and in your life.
To qualify to learn to Guide a circle training, you need to have completed the guided circle training yourself and have been part of a Woman Within Circle. Thereafter you can volunteer to step up to co-guide a circle alongside a Lead guide. You will then attend some training and work closely with your guide to ensure you are prepared for each session of the training. If you would like to be a guide then please click here. 

Support for Circles

There is a dedicated Woman Within Circles Coordinator, whose name is Debby-Anne Pells. If your circle is going through some changes, if your feel you would like some support or would like someone to come in to work with your circle, then please do get in touch with her. Also if you are looking to join a circle, would like to move into a new circle or if your circle is looking for a new member then please don't hesitate to contact Debby-Anne.

Open Circles

Women for Afrika also offers monthly open circles to our Cape Town and Johannesburg communities. Everyone is welcome!  Please note that dates may be subject to change. So please do keep checking the website.

What is an Open circle?
Open Circles are an opportunity for you to take a few hours for yourself to be accepted just as you are, with support from the women in your community. A place among women where you can be your authentic self without judgment or advice. A chance to open your heart, be heard and seen, to connect and be inspired.

What will I get from it?
An opportunity to  experience our community of conscious and authentic women and - if you choose - while you’re here you may work on an issue that’s come up in your life. You are also welcome to simply come and be present without working on anything… you get to choose what is right for you! Women are often amazed at how much can be gained from attending just one of these circles. Come try it out if you haven’t already!

Who can attend?
Any woman over 18 is welcome and prior experience in a women’s circle is not necessary. Friends and family are also very welcome

Is there a fee for attending?
There is a no fee for attendance, however, donations are welcome.

Do I need to Save a seat?
You are welcome to do so, but you, your friends, colleagues or family are also welcome to just come on the night. You will all be welcome.

Please see the Upcoming events page for circle dates and directions.

For more information you can contact our circles coordinator: Debby-Anne. For the Southern Suburbs - Beatrice. For the Northern Suburbs, Chantel and for the Gauteng region Clare.

Co-gender Circles

Women for Afrika is very excited to be offering support and advise for the creation of co-gender circles. These circles are for Woman Within Graduates and Mankind Project graduates only. For more information please contact

The weekend helped peel away my layers to step into and honour who I truly was. No more being what other people wanted me to be. It allowed me to step into my vulnerability and feel held and honoured by amazing women.”